Rainmail Server User Guide
Vacation Reply/Auto responder

Rainmail Server allows users to set an Auto responder/Vacation response to their emails. Once set, any body who sends an email to the user will get an Automatic reply. The reply will contain the text entered when the Auto responder was set. The mechanism is such that if multiple emails are received from the same sender, only one Auto reply goes out. Users can set the Auto responder/Vacation response as follows:

  1. Open Rainmail Server home page. That will show the links as below

  1. In some cases, Rainmail Administrator could have changed the home page and disabled the forward link. In this case, please contact your Rainmail Administrator to set auto responder.
  2. Click on Set Mail forwarding/auto responder rules. That will bring up the following page.

  1. In the above page
    • Enter user part of Email address in User name: edit field.
    • Enter user password in Current Password: edit field.
    • In the Send this auto reply to sender: field, enter the text that you would like the Sender to see. An example is provided in the above page.
    • Click on Change button.
  2. If forwarding is set successfully, the following dialog will appear.

  1. Once set, sender of emails will automatically get a reply with the text that was set.
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