Rainmail Server User Guide
Publishing Pages Using FTP

Rainmail Web Server facility is available only when Rainmail Administrator has explicitly enabled the facility foe specific user. Therefore, before proceeding with the following steps, check with your Rainmail Administrator on whether the facility has been enabled for you. If not, please ask the Administrator to enable this facility. Once enabled, Web pages can be uploaded as per the following instructions.

  1. Download a FTP Client. The recommended client is the free FileZilla client. The client can be downloaded and installed from here. Once installed, the FileZilla icon will appear on the Desktop (as below)

  1. Double click on above icon to start the FTP client. In the Window that appears, enter details in the Login bar (as shown below)

  1. Enter the IP address of Rainmail Server in Host field.
  2. Enter the Rainmail Server user name in Username field.
  3. Enter Rainmail Server user password in Password field.
  4. Click on Quickconnect button.
  5. In the server, the Web page files should be uploaded to the folder called public_html (indicated by a Blue Oval below). Uploading the files can be done by dragging the files from local machine to Server folder.

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