Rainmail Server User Guide

Rainmail Chat Server allows conference chats. To do conferencing, a room needs to be created. Rooms can be created by any authorized user of the system. Once created, multiple users can join a room. Any user who has joined the room can send a message and any such message is displayed to all users in the room. For additional security, rooms can be password protected. In that case, password is given to select users and only those users who have the password can join the room and take part in the discussion. Detailed instructions for conferencing follow:

  1. Login to Pidgin Chat client. Click on Buddies menu on top. That will bring up the following menu.

  1. Select Add Chat... That will bring up the following Window.

  1. If a new room is being created, give the name of room in Room: field.
  2. If an existing room is being joined, give the name of the room to join in Room: field. To get names of existing rooms, click on Room List.
  3. Give name of Server in Server: field. Name of server is usually full host name of Rainmail Server prefixed by "conference.". For example, if Rainmail Server host name is demo.carizen.in, conference server name should be given as conference.demo.carizen.in.
  4. To password protect the room, enter a password in Password: field. If password is not given, any user who knows the room name can join the discussion.
  5. Click on Add.

  1. The room will be successfully added and displayed in the main Chat window (as above). To start discussions in the room, double click on the Room name. That will bring up the following Window.

  1. Conference window (as above) is displayed. The window consists of three panes. The top left pane shows all the messages that have been sent by members of the room. The top right pane shows the list of users who are currently in the Room. The bottom pane allows users to send messages to others.
  2. Once created, user can invite other users into the Room and start discussions. To invite other users, click on Conversation menu in the Room window. That will bring up the following Window.

  1. Click on Invite.... That will bring up the following Window.

  1. Enter chat ID of the user to Invoite in Buddy: field. This will usually be the Rainmail Account name of user followed by @ and followed by full host name of Rainmail Server (e.g., user@demo.carizen.in).

  1. To specify a message in the Invitation, the message can be entered in Message: field. This will be displayed to the Invitee when the invitation is sent.
  2. Click on Invite.
  3. An invitation message is displayed for user and once the user accepts, the user name appears on the Top right hand panel (as shown below)

  1. All users who have joined the room can send messages and these will be sent to all users.
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